Frequently asked questions

  • a Canadian, Quebecois product;
  • a simplicity of use;
  • a very low annual fee that can be deducted at the source of your expenses by registering CompaFact as your supplier;
  • Multi-language product: French, English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin, other languages will be added.;
  • no advertizing
An application which will evolve weekly, this one being presently very simplified yet we will add more functions to respond to customer needs.
A Canadian Quebec-based company created by the genius of Superwebpro and Both operate in the field of commercial website design, member management, online transactions, design and UI / UX for more than 20 years.
Totally! We have been in the web industry for over 2 decades and know what security represents. You will always see a lock lock or the word "secure" on the left of in the address bar.
Your data is encrypted and saved periodicaly on an external server ensuring maximum confidentiality and security of your data. 
Generally only you have access to it. By authorizing the CompaFact managers, you allow us to access your data. Just like a bank, security information will be asked to validate your identity and we can help you if needed.
For the free version, your data is active for a period of 5 years after which our software will assess whether there has been any activity on your account during this period. All your data stays saved and reusable if you log in at least once during this period.
We use Stripe for our Transaction Process System that delivers a cloud-based infrastructure offering reliability, simplicity, and security. You do not have to own or create an account. Your credit card details are encrypted and secured by Stripe. Compafact does not store any transactional information of this data except of course the contact information to be able to join you if needed.
Fiscal reports
Tax report, Taxes collected, Taxes paid, Result Status

Expense reports
Expenses by supplier, Cumulative expenses, Expenses not paid

Sales reports
Invoices by client, Cumulative invoices, Invoices not paid
To all start-up companies, Start-ups, organizations wishing to enter their expenses, invoices, suppliers and customers. Detailed reports are available at all times displaying accounting data. If you do not need to make invoices the simple entry of expenses and suppliers can be useful for managing your budget.
Why small business?
Although we are working intensively to improve our product, Compafact does not yet manage payroll, depreciation, road transport costs or certain deductions but plans to add these modules in the future.
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