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A safe and effective way to optimize your cash inflows and outflows while simplifying your financial management!
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About Compafact & Acompa

Compafact is an application designed to promote online bookkeeping

 is a young company in Quebec that realized a bookkeeping application from now on named Acompa that allows self-employed workers and other businesses or organizations to maintain simple accounting for the purpose of administering their invoices and expenses, their clients and suppliers and generate detailed reports for periods determined according to their needs for tax purposes or remittance to their accountant.

COMPAFACT  has not reinvented the wheel, it has only improved it by simplifying to the maximum the processing of the data to be updated for an efficient management of bookkeeping and tax return reports.

Give it a try, it's free!

You get :

  • a general wink of bills and payments to be allocated
  • additions and modifications to clients, suppliers, invoices and expenses
  • configuration of taxes, type of payments, type of suppliers and more
  • fiscal reports, expense reports, sales reports and taxes
  • print and professionally send email invoices, backups* and restoration*
  • a personalized technical support*
  • every week / month additions to improve our service and save you time

  • *Depending on the chosen packages



 target market

  • Anyone wanting to manage their budget more professionally than with a spreadsheet.
  • Small businesses or organizations supplying products or services
  • Self-employed, start-ups, micro businesses requiring a maintenance of income and expenses
  • Those who want detailed reports of their income and expenses
  • Community organizations starting up
  • The webmaster, fashion designer, pastry chef, graphic designer or any other profession that do not requires employee management.

Application screenshots

Here are some screenshots of what you find in the application
application software. Being in constant evolution, some of those screenshots have evolved and will display some information slightly differently.



no time limit

3 Clients
5 Suppliers


on an annual basis

10 Clients


on an annual basis

25 Clients
25 Suppliers


on an annual basis

60 Clients
60 Suppliers


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