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Your budget compagnon

About Compafact & Acompa

Meet your budget companion with Compafact and Acompa.

Based in Quebec, COMPAFACT offers a range of management tools, including the bookkeeping application Acompa. This tool is designed to simplify accounting for self-employed workers, startups, and small organizations.

With Acompa, you can easily manage your invoices, expenses, clients, and suppliers, and generate detailed reports for specific periods of time that meet your needs for tax purposes or to provide to your accountant. Experience hassle-free bookkeeping with Acompa - your trusted budget companion.

It allows self-employed workers, startup businesses or small organizations to maintain a simple accounting for the purpose of well managing their invoices, expenses, clients and suppliers and generate detailed reports for specific periods of time according to their needs, for tax purposes or remittance to their accountant.
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With our platform, you'll have access to a range of useful features, including:

  • A clear overview of payments and receipts
  • Easy management of clients, suppliers, invoices, and expenses
  • Ability to create purchase orders, quotes, and estimates that can be converted into invoices*
  • Customizable tax settings, payment methods, supplier types, and more
  • Automated financial reports for taxes, expenses, sales, and more
  • Professional invoice printing and emailing, with backup and restoration options*
  • Personalized technical support*
Plus, we're always adding new features and improvements to save you even more time and make your bookkeeping even easier. Please note that some features are only available in certain packages*.



, our target market includes:

  • Anyone looking to manage their budget more professionally than with a spreadsheet
  • Small businesses and solopreneurs who supply products or services
  • Self-employed individuals, startups, and micro businesses that need to maintain records of income and expenses
  • Individuals who want detailed reports of their income and expenses
  • Webmasters, fashion designers, pastry chefs, graphic designers, and professionals in other fields that require simple and efficient accounting.
No matter what your profession or business, Compafact can help you simplify your bookkeeping and optimize your financial management.

Check out some of the screenshots from our application.

Please note that as our app is constantly evolving, some of these screenshots may display information differently than what you currently see in the application.



no time limit

3 Clients
5 Suppliers


on an annual basis

10 Clients


on an annual basis

25 Clients
25 Suppliers


on an annual basis

60 Clients
60 Suppliers


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